‘I have honestly never met anyone who gets so excited over food as you do!’

The fact that my boyfriend has said this to me on more than one occasion means that it is probably not all that shocking that I have finally started a food blog.  More specifically, a cake blog.  This may be surprising, but I had always considered myself to be more of a savoury person, but three months ago I moved into a beautiful little apartment with an even more beautiful little cake shop at the end of the road and my obsession with cake grew from there.  I just couldn’t resist walking past those neatly packed rows of original flavoured cupcakes decked in edible glitter and colourful decorations that adorned the shop window without going in and getting one.  It didn’t help that they tasted even better than they looked!  And as I started introducing all of my friends to my wonderful new discovery, they began inviting me to try some of their favourite bakeries, cafés and restaurants, so much so that when I started complaining to my boyfriend that I had no idea where all my money had gone, he replied by saying, ‘cake and afternoon tea’.  Oops!

So in good old-fashioned English tradition I shall continue to fill my afternoons (and stomach) with lots and lots of cake, especially now that I have this blog as the perfect excuse for doing so!  The Three-Tiered Cake Stand is clearly inspired by my wholehearted love for afternoon tea and everything associated with it (especially the cake part!) and is intended to cover and review recipes, baking bibles, tea party books, bakeries, patisseries, afternoon teas, and puddings at restaurants, mainly in London and Bristol.  Basically, if it’s sweet, I’ll eat!  Hopefully I’ll be able to shed some light on the best places to grab coffee and cake with a friend or to enjoy a spot of afternoon tea with the family so that you can enjoy my sugar-filled trips as much as I do!


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