The Cupcake Queen


Unfortunately, I have not been promoted to the rank of “Cupcake Queen” due to my addiction of small and sugary cakes.  However, one lucky pop star has indeed been awarded this most honourable title!  It has just been announced that a painting of Katy Perry, dressed as the “Cupcake Queen” in a crinkly white dress resembling a cupcake wrapper, adorned with a candy necklace and headpiece, will join a collection of paintings featuring influential and strong women in the music industry at Washington, D.C.’s National Portrait Gallery.  The portrait was painted by Will Cotton, who was also responsible for Katy Perry’s notorious “California Gurls” music video, in which she dances round an enchanted fairytale forest of sweets, and dons a rather gorgeous cupcake bra towards the end.  With the portrait’s debut all set for June 18, and Perry’s sweet image firmly implanted in the minds of her fans, it really does look like Katy Perry is the one and only “Cupcake Queen”!


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