Milkshake Break!

Recently, Primrose Bakery have started serving glorious and gluttonous milkshakes in novelty jam jars. There are so many choices of flavour, from classic vanilla to the slightly more adventurous salted caramel, that it is almost essential to panic buy! Having sat opposite my friend Chloe guzzling a thick and creamy Nutella milkshake, I simply couldn’t resist!


This milkshake is filled with so much chocolate and nutty goodness that you almost forget to breathe whilst gulping large mouthfuls of thick, creamy milkshake through both straws at the same time! The best bit, however, is when the liquid stops streaming up the straw, only for you to lift it up, out of the jar, to discover a large chunk of milkshake-coated Nutella glued to the bottom of the straw, ready for you to spoon oh so willingly into your mouth in all its thick, chewy goodness! From this moment on it is almost essential to attack this bad boy with a spoon! This is one super chocolatey liquid dream that I won’t be forgetting in a hurry!


Their Blueberry Cupcake, which is their May special, is also well worth a try! It is a beautiful and fragrant vanilla sponge, packed full of fresh blueberries, adding a sweet and fruity finish to the whole experience! The blueberry icing is also absolutely gorgeous, and I can’t wait to see what other treats will be published in their new cookbook, alongside this purple beauty!

But first, I have this wonderful recipe book filled with cocktail cupcakes and afternoon tea ideas to get through first, thanks to my wonderful friends!



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