Pretty in Pink at Primrose Bakery


Primrose Bakery in Covent Garden is basically the history girls’ HQ (alongside Gourmet Burger Kitchen for those rare moments our tastebuds fancy something a little more savoury)!  One of my best friends, Emma, introduced me to this beautiful little bakery, and I can safely say I have never looked back!  Apart from a few customary regulars, such as vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, Primrose Bakery seem to have a large variety of different flavoured cupcakes, cookies and other sugary treats everyday!  They also offer a different cocktail-flavoured cupcake every Friday (which I will review sometime in the near future, as these are simply delicious and I am a mega, mega fan)!  Basically, my excessive use of exclamation marks so far in this blog post should be an indicator of just how highly I rate this place.

Another indicator should be the fact that my plate has two cupcakes on it instead of one.  Although everyone else somehow managed, I genuinely could not choose which cupcake to have (trust me, there were plenty of others I would have happily piled on my plate if they were calorie free!), and so I went for the two that I really felt I could not live without trying.  One was the marshmallow cupcake on the left; the other was the pink lemonade cupcake on the right.

The marshmallow cupcake was beautiful.  Aesthetically, it was completely and utterly adorable, with it’s faintly pink glittered frosting and giant pink marshmallow instantly drawing me in.  Underneath, it consisted of a delicate chocolate sponge, which actually complemented the sweet, gooey flavour of the marshmallow frosting perfectly.

However, there is no denying that the contrast of the sharp sweet and sour flavour of the lemon frosting on the pink lemonade cupcake made this one my favourite.  I am so passionate about strong flavours, and whilst I am not normally a massive fan of a vanilla sponge, the intense lemon flavour of the frosting was far more adventurous than anything I was expecting and I am now officially in love with Primrose Bakery (more so than I was before)!  This cupcake was pure perfection, and I adored the pink sugar decoration as well.

Unfortunately, I think their Pink Lemonade cupcake was their February monthly special, but you can check out their Facebook page, which is updated regularly with their daily specials available at each of their bakeries in Covent Garden and Primrose Hill.


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