Eat My Cake London

photoI LOOOOVE pugs!  As in, I am completely and utterly obsessed with them!  The reason why I cannot wait to finish my degree, leave university and get a job is so that I can FINALLY afford a pet pug!  I want a little black one, with a scrunched up face, which will greet me every evening when I come home from work, with his big beautiful eyes gazing up at me lovingly (basically, trying to look as cute as possible just so that I put some more food in his bowl I suspect)!  He has already been named Pugly Betty, and my boyfriend has had to hear all about my future pug probably since day one of our relationship.  So when he found this adorable Valentine’s addition of Eat My Cake London’s pug biscuit he knew that he was onto a winner!

Firstly, the presentation of the biscuit was perfect.  It came in a little white box, wrapped with a red bow, and a small personalised gift card, which my boyfriend had signed from Pugly Betty as a slight clue!  Upon opening, the pug biscuit nearly filled the whole box, and it was presented on a red and white polka dot background, which was all enclosed in packaging to keep the biscuit fresh so that you didn’t have to consume it straight away (I mean, who could eat it instantly?! I had to keep staring at it and taking snapchats with it for at least a week)!

However, when I finally did get round to eating the cutest biscuit I have ever had to put in my mouth, it was hands down the best biscuit I have ever tasted.  The biscuit was soft, but crunchy and crumbly, and very thick.  The icing, which was what made the biscuit so delicious and sweet, was also thick, which complemented the feeling, texture and flavour of the biscuit perfectly.  It really was the perfect biscuit, and with the variety of designs available on their website I genuinely think that everybody would be able to find the perfect biscuity treat that would make the perfect present, even for the fussiest of people!  I genuinely loved my present, and felt that a lot of thought had gone into getting something that reflected my personality and things that I adore, namely baked goods and pugs!  All in all it completed my perfect Valentine’s.


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