The Great Hummingbird Bake-Off: February 2014

Chocolate Coconut ‘Bounty’ vs.

Strawberry Meringue ‘Eton


Every month the Hummingbird Bakery, which is one of my favourite cupcake shops EVER, creates two new, special edition cupcakes.  Every month, these cupcakes go head-to-head, battling it out for the number one spot.

February 2014 sees the arrival of Bounty vs. Eton Mess.  One is a luxurious chocolate sponge with a swirl of coconut frosting; the other is a soft vanilla sponge, filled with a strawberry cream, and topped with fresh strawberries and crumbly meringue pieces.  But which cupcake deserves the number one title this month?

The Chocolate Coconut

‘Bounty’ Cupcake


I am of the opinion that Hummingbird can never go wrong when it comes to their chocolate cupcakes, no matter what theme they opt for, and the Bounty cupcake is no exception.  I’ve always found Bounty to be quite a controversial chocolate bar, people always love it or hate it, and it is usually the one chocolate that is discarded by my friends when it comes to delving into the Celebrations.  However, I definitely sit on the love side of the fence, so this cupcake is perfect for me!  The ‘Bounty’ is simple and delicious with its plain chocolate sponge, but it is the coconut frosting that is the real show-stealer.  The coconut milk used in the icing allows for a soft coconut-filled taste with every mouthful, and I love the course texture of the coconut shavings in comparison to the soft, creamy icing.  And who can resist popping a tiny piece of heavenly bounty into their mouth halfway through a dreamy chocolate and coconut themed cupcake?!

The Strawberry Meringue

‘Eton Mess’ Cupcake


This twist on the traditional English pudding is the perfect cupcake to wash away the winter blues in anticipation of fresh English strawberries this summer!  The vanilla sponge is soft and airy, and I always love a surprise in my cupcakes!  Although, if it wasn’t for the combination of the crumbly meringue pieces and soft fruity strawberries creating a tantalising textural experience on top of the cake, the ‘Eton Mess’ would have been rather bland apart from the two mouthfuls of strawberry cream hidden away in the middle of the sponge.  For this reason, I have crowned the Chocolate Coconut ‘Bounty’ Special Edition Cupcake February’s Great Hummingbird Bake-off winner.

(Photos taken from Hummingbird Bakery’s Facebook page.)


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