The Great Hummingbird Bake-off: January 2014

Tiramisu vs. Cookies and Cream

Every month the Hummingbird Bakery, which is one of my favourite cupcake shops EVER, creates two new, special edition cupcakes.  Every month, these cupcakes will go head-to-head, battling it out for the number one spot.

January 2014 has seen the arrival of Tiramisu vs. Cookies and Cream.  One is a light vanilla sponge, filled with coffee custard and soaked in brandy-flavoured coffee syrup; the other is a rich chocolate sponge, topped with a creamy frosting, studded with Oreo chunks.  But which cupcake deserves the number one title this month?


photo 1

The Tiramisu Cupcake is probably the most aesthetically pleasing of the two cupcakes, with its smooth, swirly frosting delicately dusted with sweet cocoa powder.  It is safe to say that the outward perfection of this cupcake, paired with the fact that I had not had my much-needed weekday coffee fix, led to high expectations.  Unfortunately, this special edition bake was decidedly disappointing.  Despite the beautifully soft and delicate flavour of the vanilla sponge hidden beneath the generous mound of creamy frosting, I could not help but notice a distinct lack of any coffee flavour whatsoever.  Things started to look up when my second bite revealed that I was about to encounter a secret coffee-custard centre, which seemed to ooze promise.  However, the coffee flavour did not ooze out with the same enthusiasm; if you were blindfolded whilst eating, it probably wouldn’t be hard to miss it altogether!  Maybe Hummingbird should have taken inspiration from their other special edition this month and stuck torn-up pieces of coffee-soaked ladyfingers into the creamy mascarpone frosting to give us busy Londoners that midweek “pick me up” (which is actually the Italian translation of ‘Tiramisu’) we so desperately need!

Cookies and Cream

photo 2

Although the Cookies and Cream’s character-building smears of icing, with chunks of broken biscuit scattered all over it, may not win it as many brownie points on the aesthetic front, I would be lying if I said that this cupcake was anything but delicious.  Hummingbird never fails when it comes to chocolate cake, and their Cookies and Cream edition is no exception.  Soft, succulent, and with little pieces of Oreo cookie snuck into its sponge, every single mouthful is an absolute chocolatey delight.  With its dreamy, creamy vanilla frosting truly being the icing on the cake, the Cookies and Cream Special Edition Cupcake is January’s Great Hummingbird Bake-off winner.

Check back in February for news on the Hummingbird Bakery’s latest special editions.


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